Naval Postgraduate School Future Research

The Naval Postgraduate School Future Research Department is dedicated to exploring and funding graduate level research for the DoD's top priorities for national defense.


A compilation of requisite expanded research requirements to maintain air superiority.


A compilation of budget requirements and restraints through 2027.


Advanced cyber research and associated source code in preparation for cyberwar planning.

Declassified Projects

A compilation of formerly classified case studies.


Foreign policy challenges with an emphasis on China and Russia.

Science & Technology

A compilation of scientific and technological research opportunities to ensure a persistent competitive advantage.


An anthology of state-of-the-art spacecraft research for enduring global strike and intelligence capabilities.

Special Operations

A compilation of crucial technical and operational requirements needed in order to protect and advance our Nation's interests.


A collection of research on manned and unmanned submarine technologies.


Explorations into advancing surface ship design and global reach capabilities.

Weapons Systems

An investigation into leveraging cutting-edge technology for weapons systems in the 21st Century.

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